They had a cook with them who stood alone
For boiling chicken with a marrow-bone
Sharp flavoring-powder and spice for savor.
He could distinguish London ale by flavor,
And he could roast and seethe and boil and fry,
Make good thick soup and bake a tasty pie.
But what a pity --- so it seemed to me.
That he should have an ulcer on his knee.
As for Blancemange he made it with the best

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The Cook was a loner, who could cook and bake any tasty recipe you wanted, and he was at his best making blancmange (a white pudding). He likes to drink ale, particularly of the London type, this may infer that he is a drunk. He has an ulcer (an open sore) on his knee, which might signify the pox or an infection. He also has many seasonings on his person, necessary for his cooking and baking.

The narrator seems to have a neutral opinion of the chef, liking his cooking, but feeling his character is not of the highest degree.

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