Original text:
A Haberdasher, a Dyer, a Carpenter,
A Weaver and a Carpet-maker were
Among our ranks, all in the livery
Of one impressive guild-fraternity.
They were so trim and fresh their gear would pass
For new. Their knives were not tricked out with brass
But wrought with purest silver, which avouches
A like display on girdles and on pouches.
Each seemed a worthy burgess, fit to grace
A guild-hall with a seat upon the dais.
Their wisdom would have justified a plan
To make each one of them an alderman;
They had the capital and revenue,
Besides their wives declared it was their due.
And if they did not think so, then they ought;
To be called "Madam" is a glorious thought,
And so is going to church and being seen
Having your mantle carried, like a queen.

Five salesman all in one organization were there with the same look.
They were clean and neat and had nice gear.
Their knives weren't cheap they were made of expensive silver.
Each seemed a good citizen.
They were smart enough to be a member of town council.
They had resources and gross income.
Their wives believed in them and if they didn't they should.
The wives wanted to be called "Madam" and to be treated like a queen.

They sounds like good middle-class people.