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The merchant had a forked beard, and wore a motley gown, and beaver hat. he was always on a horse. he was always speaking his opinion. He never talks about the battles he lost, but the battles he won. He was a worthy man, but nobody knows his name. He manages trade affairs well. He knows how to deal foreign currencies. He was in dept, and nobody knew.

We think that Chaucer likes this character, because he states that the character was a worthy man.

A MARCHANT was ther with a forked berd,
In mottelee, and hye on horse he sat;
Upon his heed a Flaundryssh bever hat,
275 His bootes clasped faire and fetisly.
His resons he spak ful solempnely,
Sownynge alway th'encrees of his wynnyng.
He wolde the see were kept for any thyng
Bitwixe Middelburgh and Orewelle.
280 Wel koude he in eschaunge sheeldes selle.
This worthy man ful wel his wit bisette;
Ther wiste no wight that he was in dette,
So estatly was he of his governaunce
With his bargaynes and with his chevyssaunce.
285 For sothe, he was a worthy man with-alle,
But, sooth to seyn, I noot how men hym calle.