So was a somewhat deaf, who could make blankets better then entire known for sewing. So when this woman was in church she liked to be at the front, toward the alters, and if a younger woman dared to stroll in front of her she would become enraged. Her headkerchief was made of very finely woven fabrics, seemed to weigh lots, and she wore it only on sundays, suggesting she wishes to be very well dressed for church. She wore scarlet hosing, which shows her status, because in this day the brighter the color the more expensive it was, and she also had new shoes. She was homely looking, and had rosy cheeks. She had had five husbands, as well as many "escorts" in her youth.

She had been to many places, including Jerusalem three times. She had gap teeth, and she wore nice clothes, along with a hat the size of a small shield. She was sort of portly, she had large hips, and she sat on a horse. She was very pleasurable in company of others, but was still "promiscuous".

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